Americans Seeking a Canadian Firearms Licence

When you are in Canada you can do the courses and exams just like a citizen and apply for a Canadian Possession and Acquisition Licence (PAL). In the long run, visitors to Canada who bring firearms with them on a regular basis will find it is considerably cheaper to get a regular Possession and Acquisition Licence at a cost of $60 for five years instead of a temporary visitor's licence which costs $25 each year.

See the RCMP info page for visitors to Canada.


  • Non-residents cannot bring prohibited firearms into Canada.
  • Handgun magazines that hold more than ten cartridges are prohibited in Canada.
  • Non-residents (nor typical Canadians) cannot carry a concealed weapon in Canada.
  • They cannot bring restricted firearms into Canada for hunting purposes.
  • If they import restricted firearms for an approved purpose, they need an Authorization to Transport (ATT). A Customs officer will need to see a paper copy of the ATT at the border. Non-residents must apply for their ATT from the CFO in advance. They may be able to apply for an ATT by phoning the CFO in advance, but a paper copy of the ATT is required at the border. The ATT cannot be done at the border. (In the United States call 1-800-731-4000; in other countries call 1-506-624-5380). If you are going to shoot at a handgun competition, the host club can facilitate this process for you.
  • Visitors to Canada will not be able to buy ammunition without a firearms licence or a confirmed declaration, or a temporary borrowers' licence.