CFSC/CRFSC Student Testimonials

I would just like to say thank you to both you and Brian for a fantastic course. I really appreciated the fact that both of you would take the time to explain things to the class in a clear and logical manner (even when the class went off on a tangent).

I also appreciate the fact that the course was not rushed and that neither of you were concerned with staying late to ensure that the class had a clear understanding of what was being taught. From my discussion with some of my fellow classmates we all scored very well on both our written and practical exams; I believe this is a testament to how effective both you and Brian are as teachers. It is clear that you both love to share your knowledge and passion for the proper use of firearms and the responsibility that goes along with owning them.

As a sidebar the pizza, donuts and soft drinks that you provided for the class were a nice treat (as was my FirearmsTraining mug for scoring 100% on the exam!). B.H.

You and Brian held an excellent course. I am very pleased with how it went and will recommend your name to anyone who asks. BTW—the other examiner Peter was great. He put me at ease immediately. A. F.

I just wanted to thank you for the education and good humour over this past weekend. Both Colleen and I thank you and Brian for your support and although we were exhausted by the end of the course we felt that we really started this adventure off on a safe path thanks to your efforts. L.O.

Patricia, Debbie and I would like to thank both of you for the excellent work you did with your firearms training. It is not an easy job keeping 20 people focused and excited about some very technical items but you made it fun and entertaining while keeping the serious topics covered and on form. We commend you for that.

On a personal side Debbie and I went to 5 Guys after the course finished to celebrate our achievement and without a lie I sat down and unintentionally automatically did my ACTS and PROVE on the hamburger and fries. I also did it on our coffee machine this morning - It is now burned into my skull. From a guy who grew up on the farm with guns all around me it is really good to learn how to respect and use the firearms the right way and I certainly look at firearms differently now. I will also look at Hollywood movies from a different mindset.

I will recommend your firearms course to all that ask and will be happy to provide a testimonial to whomever you wish. Thanks again. J.L

Dave just wanted to pass on how much I enjoyed the course this past weekend. Having been a small arms instructor in the military, with experience using a variety of firearms I can say I still learned something. The pace and atmosphere was much more relaxed and enjoyable from what I am used to, I found it made for a very good learning experience. J. V.

I just want to say thank you for giving me the opportunity to attend the course and for all the great information you guys provided. It was a great experience as well as a pleasant one. You guys did an excellent job in both fields - the information provided and the way you guys presented it. It was very enjoyable & you kept everyone focused and not losing interest. This opinion is shared by few of the guys I spoke too. Thanks again! Rita

Thanks for everything this weekend. I learned a ton and really enjoyed having you and Brian as instructors. M.G.

Just wanted to mention that I found course very informative and I appreciate your enthusiasm for sharing stories and anecdotes. Brian

Thanks for the great course. Your teaching style made it fun, the material was interesting and I learned a lot. F.L.

Thanks again for the great firearms safety course - I learned a lot and thought the course was very well taught. Mia

I really enjoyed the course, you and Brian are hilarious! A.A.

I'd like to thank you and your assistant very much for your help today with the firearms safety exam. I also appreciate your efforts in providing me with the necessary (physical) accommodations. If I'm ever asked to recommend someone for a firearms training course I'll gladly pass along your name. C.M.

Thank you for the incredible Safety classes , you guys did an amazing job , I have passed the course with a very good mark also have learned a lot of practical gun handling. Ali N.

I really enjoyed the course and thought you and Brian were great instructors. The banter back and forth is priceless. Thanks again and take good care. Eric

I would be remiss in not expressing my thanks for the excellent firearm safety training you and Brian gave us this weekend. Also please extend my thanks to Brian. Your course is most certainly thorough, professional and conducive to conscious firearm handling. The care, patience and empathy and straightforward counseling both of you extend to your trainees is most certainly a great asset to the success of these training sessions. Thanks Claude

Just a note to thank you for the firearms training session this past weekend. It was a very structured and professional course and I must say, one of the best courses I’ve been to. I feel confident that I can handle and manage these firearms in a safe and controlled manner. Your system of instructing/testing is excellent and I am taking some of these techniques with me for my own student instruction. M. G.

Thanks for a great course last weekend. Enjoyed it a lot. April

Just wanted to thank you again for this weekend's course, you were an excellent instructor. Marcus

Just a note to say thank you Dave, your course was interesting and informative. Jim and I had a good time meeting everyone and going through the training. Again thank you and when anyone asks about the course we will definitely recommend you. Jim and Wanda

Jeremy and I (Kiera) took your course in November, and I've been meaning to thank you for a very enjoyable weekend. Guns were something that were out of my comfort zone to handle, but that weekend was nothing but fun. You do a great job with that course! Thank you very much! Kiera

I just wanted to thank you for a very good weekend, I don't think I've ever learned so much in one weekend in my life! Paul

Dave, just like to thank-you again for an awesome course presentation. I was a little nervous to say the least, but you made the atmosphere relaxed and presented the material in an extremely professional manner. Gloria

I wanted to thank you for having me in your home a few weeks ago for the firearms training. I had a good time and passed the requirements as well! Your contribution to my new hobby has been a positive one and reinforced my desire to learn more and hone my skills. Paul H. - prepare online to challenge the Canadian Firearms Safety Course tests

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