Do I Have to Take the
Canadian Firearms Safety Course?

As of 18 June, 2015, changes to the Firearms Act make completion of the safety course(s) mandatory for all new firearms licence applicants.

CFSC Written Multiple Choice TestCFSC Practical Gun Handling Exam

Anyone else can simply challenge the exam without taking the training course. If you have experience with a variety of firearms, you may prefer to review the CFSC/CRFSC manuals and do the exams without taking the course. The pass rate is reasonably good, provided the candidate has a solid grasp of firearms safety, some recent experience and is familiar with current firearms laws. It also helps to be familiar with the ACTS & PROVE method of verifying that a gun is safe. We have found that people have prepared on-line using do very well in the actual Canadian Firearms Safety Course test.

To get a sense of the material covered in the Canadian Firearms Safety Course you can watch the videos used in the course.

Standing Position - Long Gun Kneeling Position - Long Gun Two Handed Stance - Handgun One Handed Stance - Handgun
These are the shooting stances you will have to know. - prepare online to challenge the Canadian Firearms Safety Course tests

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