General Info About The Capital Trap Club

1. The Capital Trap Club's shooting ranges consist of three trap ranges and one skeet field. The range is open Wednesdays during daylight savings time from 5:00pm to dusk and Sundays from 13:00 to 17:00 for organized target practice.

2. Membership -- $75.00/year ($100.00/year for families). You can download a Capital Trap Club membership application form here.

3. Cost of shooting for members -- Per round of trap or skeet (25 targets) is $4.00 for members and $6.00 for non-members. Twelve gauge shells are $8.00/box, but they must be used on site under supervised training as the club is not licenced to sell ammunition on a retail basis.

4. Guns -- You will need to bring your own non-restricted shotgun as the Club does not have its own guns. If you don't own a shotgun, please feel free to drop by as many members are happy to show a novice what trapshooting is all about. Please do not bring any ammunition loaded with shot larger than # 7 1/2.

5. Range officers -- We are required to provide a range officer during shooting hours. These officers are club members who donate their time to the club. We can provide instruction to those who would like to be introduced to shotgunning as well as those who would like to learn the role of range officer.

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6. Shooting safety -- We follow the same gun safety rules as other gun clubs. These rules are posted at the range. Two basic rules are:

7. Shooting instructions -- Beginning shooters are welcome. Many of our members are quite advanced competitors and are happy to provide some introductory coaching to novices. We will be pleased to provide basic instruction for trap and/or skeet.

8. The Capital Trap Club's shotgun ranges are located just a few minutes drive south of the Ottawa airport. Click on this link for directions to the gun club.